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Fic: Some Little Flash Of Love

Title: Some Little Flash Of Love
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5780
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Leon/Morgana
Disclaimer: I am most definitely not part of the BBC or Shine. Although I am a member of the Order of Rupert Young's Drinking Buddies (Those Bitches). But sadly, even that doesn't mean that I get a Leon/Morgana plotline included in the show. BOO.
Summary: As Morgana's bodyguard, Leon is used to accompanying her everywhere. But is this one step too far?
Author's Notes: wanderhomeagain prompted Leon/Morgana - that night in the club and expected 250 words. Instead she got this. I AM SORRY. Thanks, as ever, to my best girls sophieisgod, who understands my sooooul, and hermette, who is my lovely wife, for the quick and dirty beta. And for everything else in between.

( There's a dozen reasons why he shouldn't be here. )
Tags: fanart: fanfiction, pairing: morgana/leon, rating: nc-17
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